Episode 2: Photography Upgrade!

Black Friday + Amazon Prime = Deadly Dangerous.

I've been meaning to get serious with photography for a few years now but I never had the cash to drop on a pro-grade rig. Black Friday happened and I got a little impulsive, leading to a fairly unjustified purchase of a beautiful little mirrorless Sony a6000!

DSLR-sized sensor packed into a frame that's about half the size of most Canon/Nikon DSLRs, large selection of e-lenses, stupid-fast autofocus... I absolutely love this thing. The bundle came with a stock 16-50mm and 30-200mm lens (which definitely aren't bad) but I just recently sprang for a Sony 35mm F/1.8 Prime lens that is a night and day difference compared with the stock lenses. Even got some fancy Smith-Victor studio lights refurbished by a friend!

Still a pretty big amateur, but learning fast.