Episode 1: A New Rig

First post! Yeah! 

I just recently cobbled together an airbrush rig! It's something I've really been wanting to do ever since graduating from art school. During my final semester I was loaned an airbrush and literally taught myself how to use it in 4 weeks while using it to work on my thesis project (Flight Line). To be perfectly honest, it was hell, but for as much of a pain in the ass as airbrushing can be the results are magical. And nobody does it anymore, it's a dying media! In my mind, that's reason enough to pick it up.

The airbrush is a little beauty of an Iwata Neo. Nothing crazy, but Iwata's are workhorses. The air tank was made for refilling tires but I figured it'd probably work for this. Compressors are expensive and usually don't give you the option for higher PSI if you need it.