Episode 2: Photography Upgrade!

Black Friday + Amazon Prime = Deadly Dangerous.

I've been meaning to get serious with photography for a few years now but I never had the cash to drop on a pro-grade rig. Black Friday happened and I got a little impulsive, leading to a fairly unjustified purchase of a beautiful little mirrorless Sony a6000!

DSLR-sized sensor packed into a frame that's about half the size of most Canon/Nikon DSLRs, large selection of e-lenses, stupid-fast autofocus... I absolutely love this thing. The bundle came with a stock 16-50mm and 30-200mm lens (which definitely aren't bad) but I just recently sprang for a Sony 35mm F/1.8 Prime lens that is a night and day difference compared with the stock lenses. Even got some fancy Smith-Victor studio lights refurbished by a friend!

Still a pretty big amateur, but learning fast.

Omen Sketches 2

A few more character sketches, this time just Nell. I'm trying to really start refining each character a lot more, though I'm sure it'll be a moving target up until I finally decide to start putting pages together. I'd explain my design choices but to be honest I'm just playing around with things to see what looks cool. Eventually it'll end up being a type of subdued, cartoonish cyberpunk, though. That's pretty concrete.

Omen Sketches

The first of many sketches in a series. Long-term, it's going to be a short story about a young girl who loses her best friend and has to grow up fast in order to track down and save him.

Episode 1: A New Rig

First post! Yeah! 

I just recently cobbled together an airbrush rig! It's something I've really been wanting to do ever since graduating from art school. During my final semester I was loaned an airbrush and literally taught myself how to use it in 4 weeks while using it to work on my thesis project (Flight Line). To be perfectly honest, it was hell, but for as much of a pain in the ass as airbrushing can be the results are magical. And nobody does it anymore, it's a dying media! In my mind, that's reason enough to pick it up.

The airbrush is a little beauty of an Iwata Neo. Nothing crazy, but Iwata's are workhorses. The air tank was made for refilling tires but I figured it'd probably work for this. Compressors are expensive and usually don't give you the option for higher PSI if you need it.